This latest installation is a fantastic presentation of the quality and range that we supply at Epta UK.

From the bespoke Eurocryor serve over cabinets to UK built Aeria islands, this is a great showcase for what we can do for our customers. The chillers installed are all TL1 cabinets, giving a dramatic look to this large format store. Featuring TL1 HT cases with the smart solution of angled produce shelves, and with a base wide enough to fit  loose produce crates, the run of fresh produce has never looked better. 

Not only does this whole installation have a homogenous feel, with all cabinets having matching aesthetics, the new store has a low energy consumption. 

This is a brilliant example of how the teams at Epta UK make something that looks fantastic for not only our direct customers, but for the thousands of customers that shop in these stores every day.