The latest installations by Epta UK



Midcounties Co-op asked Epta UK to renew the layout of its high-end convenience store in Bourton-on-the-Water making customer experience central to the design. This project is a perfect presentation of the quality and the wide range of solutions that we supply at Epta UK.

Epta UK chose Eurocryor and Costan cabinets in order to contribute to the success of Midcounties Co-op and to make the shopping experience really unique.
Eurocryor serve over display Bistrot draws attention to the high-quality meats and cheeses available in the store. Thanks to Dynamic System technology meat can remain in the cabinet for several days, with no need to store it in cold rooms overnight to maintain the quality and aesthetic characteristics and aesthetic qualities. An addition of a deli turntable Roundall adds to the theatre with a more luxury feel for the customer when selecting anti-pasti.

Synonymous with elegance, Eurocryor customised a unique fresh fish display case to ensure maximum impact of smooth lines across the whole run of serviced counters.
In the self-service aisles Aeria islands from Costan stand out. Epta UK chose these solutions to enhance the use of space in the store, creating an open, welcoming feel whilst maximising commercial use of the low height cabinets.

The chillers installed are all Lion cabinets, giving a dramatic look to this large format store. Featuring Lion cabinets cases with the smart solution of angled produce shelves, and with a base wide enough to fit loose produce crates, the run of fresh produce has never looked better.

Not only does this whole installation have a homogenous feel, with all cabinets having matching aesthetics, the new store has a low energy consumption.
This is a brilliant example of how the teams at Epta UK make something that looks great for not only our direct customers, but for the thousands of customers that shop in these stores every day.