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A fresh and sophisticated style: Lincolnshire Co-op chooses Epta UK to furnish its Flagship Store

​A new successful partnership between Epta UK and Lincolnshire Co-op, one of the largest regional food retail chains in the United Kingdom, has contributed to the success of the new Sincil Street Food Store in Lincoln

The shop falls within a larger project of urban redevelopment led by Lincolnshire Co-op called the Cornhill Quarter, where many historic buildings have been restored and put to commercial use. The convenience store is located in a building which had features dating back to the early 1900s.

The challenge successfully met by Epta UK was to help achieve a good balance between the building's heritage and the functionality required from a dynamic and lively environment, providing a good service to customers. Lincolnshire Co-op particularly appreciated the reliability, team spirit, ability to personalise and sustainable approach of Epta UK. The latter has worked alongside Lincolnshire Co-op and with the shopfitting contractor Harte to achieve a welcoming low impact store able to respond to the needs of residents, workers and tourists.

One of the strong points of the Lincolnshire Co-op store on Sincil Street is the self-service area, where the vertical positive temperature Gazelle Compact, Lion Compact and negative temperature Granbering Narrow cabinets by Costan offer a vast selection of ready-made dishes, fresh products, frozen products and beverages, designed for a modern consumer, with little time to dedicate to the kitchen. For this installation, Epta UK and Harte together managed the customisation of the claddings and finishes of the cabinets, characterised by wood panels supplied by Harte. The choice to adopt special finishes for the GranBering, so that it would perfectly align in height with the adjacent Gazelle Compact, is a further detail that confirms the attention to a homogeneous display. The attention to every detail, the simplification of the shapes and the perfect lighting, increase the appeal of each product, guaranteeing a strong visual impact.