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Convenience stores have evolved in recent years; faster service, smaller queues and greater product offers. Consumer behaviour has changed too. Shopping trips need to become faster and easier – the average shopper has 3.6 trips during the week for top-up shops, rather than the traditional weekly shop. 

Convenience stores have changed with our need for fresher & faster: availability and range key factors in their growth. The mission of the shopper has changed from grabbing a quick sandwich to a wide range of breakfasts, snacks and evening meals.

Success in the convenience sector drives £600 million annual investment. Symbol groups dominate with a 38% share, supermarket multiples have the largest turnover to store ratio, and independents and co-operatives are also thriving. With a £39 billion growing market it is clear why investments and improvements are taking place.

In order to contribute to the success of the convenience, Epta UK helps Retailers to win customer loyalty through eye-catching merchandising and layout that improve the shopping experience. Epta understands the limitations on space and offers numerous ranges and systems , developed to utilise space effectively. Some convenience stores choose remote cabinets where packs allow easy removal of hot air from stores, where others choose plug-ins for flexibility.

Furthermore, energy use and costs are central to any grocery retail operation; Epta’s cases are available with doors for improving energy efficiency, reducing airflow into the aisle, keeping product fresh and product visibility high. Among these solutions, the R&D Team at Epta has developed a range of vertical, positive and negative plug-ins under the Costan brand: Tango Next & Valzer Next. A combination of style and cutting-edge technical performance sees compact furnishings that combine the outstanding appearance of remote cabinets with the flexibility of a plug-in. The result is a greater use of display space, with 8% capacity increase. 

There are technical and aesthetic features that allow units from both versions to be placed alongside one another, creating uniform and elegant appeal.

Convenience stores serve a huge proportion of customers; over 19,000 stores still provide rural areas with a local shop. Epta understands how heavy use can have an impact on door hinges, therefore Tango Next & Valzer Next doors are tested past 250,000 openings to ensure the quality needed in high footfall stores.




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Epta UK was recently awarded the prestigious Direct Supplier of the Year 2017 award from The Co-Operative Group, the UK’s largest mutual business owned by over seven million of its customers and the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer, providing also several other services.

In July, Epta UK won the prestigious Direct Supplier of the Year for the third year in a row, in recognition of the excellent performance it has once again demonstrated. Morevoer, over the last few years Epta UK have also won numerous accolades at the Co-op’s annual Construction Awards due to the consistent, quality account management from the team at Epta UK and innovative approach they have with The Co-op.

The Co-op have 2800 stores in the UK of which Epta UK supplies with the highest quality commercial refrigeration, HVAC and Service. The commendation for the award described the account support, the consistency of strong KPIs, and how the winner brings sound supplier partnership input to jointly help the Co-op development programme.

One of the latest developments Epta UK have worked on with The Co-op is the innovative and energy saving Roll In Milk cabinet, shortlisted for the RAC Cooling Awards Retail Project of the Year 2017. In collaboration with Co-op, Epta UK has designed and tested a Roll In Milk cabinet with doors that has minimum impact on current operations. This new design transforms the Roll In Milk cabinet from EEI class D to B, making them acceptable under new EEI regulations, saving energy and cost.

John Austin-Davies, Commercial Director of Epta UK commented, “We are delighted that the teams efforts are celebrated once again and show that our expertise in the industry is being recognised by our key customers.” and concluded “Epta UK continues to value The Co-op as a key customer and looks forward to contributing to its success inspired by the claim “#EptaExperience is the way”. An opportunity to confirm once again our capacity to combine our expertise in innovation and personalisation, offering retailers’ Customers an original and captivating store experience.” 

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EptAcademy is the training project developed in conjunction with the SDA Bocconi School of Management – the world’s sixth-ranking Business School in the Executive Education: Custom Programs category, according to the league table drafted by the Financial Times in 2016. It is a mid-to-long-term process focusing on management of the Epta Group, to increase the team’s managerial and leadership skills.

In detail, EptAcademy involves two approaches: the Epta Leadership Program and Talent Development, respectively dedicated to more senior profiles and potential talent. The aim is to share academic best practices teamed with work on a business case devised purposely for Epta. The Academy will be a centre for skills which will be developed thanks to training sessions provided by SDA Bocconi lecturers and players from the international stage.

It is a strategic initiative aimed at tackling the challenges posed by the global refrigeration market. The Epta Leadership Program is divided into four (or 3+1) modules, and offers participants a strategic model geared towards leadership of markets and organisations within highly competitive global contexts. The Talent Development, on the other hand, is developed in five modules, each of which focuses on a primary role within a complex organisation.

Following the approach used in a condensed MBA, the programme sets out to give participants the chance to enhance their skills all-round in the various areas of the business process. It also aims to help them develop their talent, including the possibility of taking part in a group project task aimed at consolidating what they have learned.

Marco Nocivelli, President and Managing Director of the Epta Group, on the inauguration day of the EptAcademy, declared: “Pursuing a strategy geared towards guaranteeing the Group’s success is a challenge constantly tackled by Epta, which views leadership of its Team as its most important competitive lever. In fact, people are the pillars our future must be built upon. As a result, I am pleased to present to you the EptAcademy project, developed in conjunction with SDA Bocconi. The course will boost the skills of the Team as key elements that will allow us to reach our ambitious growth targets.

To remain up-to-date on the latest news, follow the EptAcademy showcase page on Linkedin:


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There was more success for Epta UK, which was amongst the winners at the RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2016 - the prestigious event for the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector - following on from the awards it picked up in the 2006, 2009 and 2014 editions.

Specifically, the Environmental Collaboration of the Year award went to Trailblazer Employers Group and was collected by John Austin-Davies, the Commercial Director of Epta UK in his capacity as Chairman of the Employers Group, along with Miriam Rodway, CEO of the IOR (Institute of Refrigeration). This is a programme funded by the UK government that involves the cooperation of companies from different sectors in the development of new guidelines for training apprentices to a defined standard. For the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector the IOR invited 11 Companies to take part in the Apprenticeship Trailblazer Project, including Epta UK. The objective is that of setting high standards of training for apprentices based upon real market requirements and promoting technological development, while improving attention to environmental issues.

The feedback from the judges for the RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2016 on this venture was very positive: “The project represents one of the most significant developments in our market segment. This collaboration is the most important of its kind and will have a relevant impact in the promotion of a new approach towards environmental sustainability, and in its contribution to honing the skills of future generations of engineers.”

Moreover, the Jury also had a high regard for the collaboration between Epta UK and The Co-operative Group - a leading retail chain in the UK – for the creation of the retail store in Horwich (Greater Manchester). The collaboration stemmed from the EU FP7 CommONEnergy project and was one of the finalists in the categories, Retail Project of the Year and Low Carbon Achievement.

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Weatherhead Supply Chain Hero Award 2017

In February 2017 two outstanding Epta UK colleagues, Dougie Brook & Nigel Manning, were recognised as the winners of the Weatherhead Supply Chain Hero Award 2016.

Working on Co-op sites, from small central locations, to large supermarkets on the South Coast, these colleagues have been celebrated for always being on their game, delivering 100% and making their customers feel valued; an example of Epta Installations working in a team effort to satisfy the customer requirement.


Alan Betts, Installations & Supply Chain Director UK commented:  “Well done to both Nigel and Dougie, for the exceptional continuation of a job well done for both the Coop installations and the reputation of Epta UK in this market place.”

Known as “The Refrigeration Dream Team”, Dougie & Nigel have been recognised for going the extra mile; a team that behave in a way which supports the colleagues around them. Their role has been vital to Weatherhead’s success.

Weatherhead are one of the Co-op’s Principle Contractors, winners of the Co-op Awards 2016 Project of the Year.

This is an achievement that Epta are very proud to celebrate, and this award highlights the excellent standard of service delivered the group.

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Epta thanks all those who came visit its stand at Euroshop 2017, the largest Retail sector fair in the world which took place in Düsseldorf, where it presented all the latest products from its brands Costan, Bonnet Névé, George Barker, Eurocryor, Misa, Iarp and Knudsen Køling, as well as the exclusive Epta Service for post-sales assistance services.

The event was also an opportunity to confirm once again the Group’s capacity to combine the expertise, innovation and personalisation of the solutions presented by its brands, offering Customers an original and captivating store experience. The strategy is encapsulated in the claim “#EptaExperience is the way”.

William Pagani, Group Marketing Director for Epta, commented: “Epta positions itself on the market as a trustworthy partner able to offer Retailers complete solutions that set themselves apart through their reliability, high quality and cutting-edge technology, which thus establishes the centrality of Customers and the Group’s attention to satisfying their every requirement. We have always worked with the key players of the Retail Sector to revamp food areas, transforming them into spaces for interaction and discovery, where Consumers can experience unforgettable, enjoyable and gratifying moments, including from an aesthetic perspective” and he concluded “Our objective? To transform stores from Points of Sale to Points of Experience and transport Customers to a new emotional and engaging shopping dimension.”

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Epta has launched the new #EptaExperience APP, that was developed for Euroshop 2017 in collaboration with BT and Eit Digital. The application is available on Google Play and App Store and represents the digital strategy for “#EptaExperience is the way”, but is a limited taster version of the app. It is a concept through which Epta has confirmed once again its capacity to combine expertise, innovation and personalisation of its brands’ solutions, to offer Consumers a unique and engaging experience and transform retail spaces from Points of Sale to Points of Experience, contributing to Retailers’ commercial success.

The APP is already available to enable users to view teaser content and get “a taste” of the experience they will be able to enjoy in Epta’s exhibition space from 5 to 9 March (Stand A60 – B60, Pad. 16). Thanks to the beacon technology, when visitors arrive at the stand the full version app and will become a digital guide to accompany them on an immersive tour to discover new refrigerated solutions and systems with state-of-the-art technology. The interactive presentation will have insights into special partnerships, in-depth information on new products and services and exclusive videos and fun moments, allowing visitors to truly discover the unique #EptaExperience.

Download the #EptaExperience! APP now:



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Epta will be waiting for you at Euroshop 2017, the largest Retail sector fair in the world scheduled to take place on the 5-9 March 2017 in Düsseldorf (Stand A60 – B60, Pav. 16), to present all the latest products from its brands Costan, Bonnet Névé, George Barker, Eurocryor, Misa, Iarp and Knudsen Køling, as well as the exclusive Epta Service for post-sales assistance services.

The event will also be an opportunity to confirm once again the Group’s capacity to combine the expertise, innovation and personalisation of the solutions presented by its brands, offering Customers an original and captivating store experience in an environment which stimulates all five senses. The strategy is encapsulated in the claim “#EptaExperience is the way”, which is an evolution of the concept “Eptology, the Epta way UP!”.

William Pagani, Group Marketing Director for Epta, commented: “Epta positions itself on the market as a trustworthy partner able to offer Retailers complete solutions that set themselves apart through their reliability, high quality and cutting-edge technology, which thus establishes the centrality of Customers and the Group’s attention to satisfying their every requirement. We have always worked with the key players of the Retail Sector to revamp food areas, transforming them into spaces for interaction and discovery, where Consumers can experience unforgettable, enjoyable and gratifying moments, including from an aesthetic perspective” and he concluded “Our objective? To transform stores from Points of Sale to Points of Experience and transport Customers to a new emotional and engaging shopping dimension.”

Watch the video "#EptaExperience is the way to Euroshop 2017"

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Epta will participate as Gold Sponsor in ATMOsphere Europe 2016, the industry event bringing together HVAC&R (Heat Ventilation Air conditioning Cooling & Refrigeration) operators, on 19th and 20th April 2016. With over 300 stakeholders expected to attend, the two-day conference is dedicated to the world of natural refrigerants and for its seventh year is expecting the highest attendance ever.


Next year's event will bring great changes, starting from the location.  In 2016 Barcellona will succeed Brussels, original venue of ATMOsphere Europe, reflecting the evolution of the green gas market and the increasing interest in the design of solutions dedicated to warmer climates. There will also be sessions on "hot" topics such as: HVAC applications, training, Horeca industry, commercial and household refrigeration.


William Pagani, Group Marketing Director of Epta commented: “ATMOshpere 2016 is an important occasion for getting up-to-date with the industry, exchanging views with experts and with representatives from the European Commission and governments of numerous EU countries. The conference will also give us the opportunity to share our success case histories on the installation of natural refrigerant systems with suppliers, end users and leading HVAC&R experts with a view to developing new synergies."

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Epta will be  sponsoring the XII IIR Gustav Lorentzen Natural Working Fluids Conference, to be held in Edinburgh from 21 to 24 August 2016, at the new Conference Centre built for the occasion at the heart of the Heriot-Watt University Campus. Maurizio Orlandi, Manager of the Epta Innovation Center and John Austin-Davies, Commercial Director of Epta UK and a Fellow of the Institute of Refrigeration will give a speech during the conference.

The Conference will be organised by the Institute of Refrigeration, an independent charitable organisation first founded in 1899 as the “Cold Storage and Ice Association”. It brings together around 2,000 professionals working in the field, and constitutes a resource of primary importance for developing refrigeration technologies that promote the wellness of the public at large.

This event, of global stature, will be focusing on the future of natural refrigerants, such as water, ammonia, hydrocarbons, air and CO2, along with their very latest applications geared towards energy saving and maximum respect for the environment. It will also be dedicating attention to alternative cycles.

The Conference programme will also include over 120 speeches, distributed throughout the three-day event, to examine the topic of natural refrigerants both in professional terms and on a purely scientific level. The event will be attracting an international audience with end users, stakeholders, systems manufacturers, university researchers, entrepreneurs, contractors, installers, designers, consultants, component producers and technology suppliers all taking part.

Sustainability, the challenges of tomorrow and their solutions: the Conference will provide an invaluable opportunity for an in-depth analysis of how using natural fluids makes it possible to tackle the increasingly stringent global, political, regulatory and economic challenges when it comes to safeguarding the environment.

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